Freitag, 14. Januar 2011


The Minute Battalion of Culpeper County, Virginia 1775-6
With new Maverick-Model Flag , very very good quality !


  1. Nice man. :)
    The Flag is a little bit blurry.

  2. The tone difference between the darker green shadow and the lighter green highlight is perfect! I personally have trouble choosing colors and create tone changes that are too great for my liking. Which paints/colors did you use?

  3. for me its very simple becouse i use foundry colors , i hate to mix colours for shade or hightligts much work , to much colour variations .
    so foundry is the solution for me.
    try it , its very very simple

  4. Darn it! I hadn't predicted the reply of another paint system. I'm currently entrenched into Vallejo paints and was hoping to stay there. I alredy own about 97% of all their product codes. I guess that it's also a good reason as to why buying into a second line is not that big of a deal. I don't go through paint bottles very fast so, money tied up in restocking would not be an interference with acquiring the second line...Now I have some deciding to do?!

  5. hmmmm... , i understand your problem and foundry colours ar not really cheap .

    your project is awi ,redcoats and continentals have much white in their uniforms. my suggestion for you, buy foundry arctic grey paint set,to test and see how it works for you.