Samstag, 18. Januar 2014

AWI Tutorial

The painting of my figures here is a little bit higher as my napolionics .
The Napolionics are a gaming Army so i paint not so high-quality but much faster .

AWI figures are more showcase figures so iam not in hurry with them.

I use fondry colours for painting with a little bit support by vallejo colours.
By my redcoats only the red higlights is vallejo colour ( britht orange 024)

First i prime allways black , a mat black Citadel chaos black ore Citadel Abaddon black. Vallejo black 169 is to shiny for me.... Vallejo black grey 168 is a better option.

Next is painting the Faces. Prime with Conker Brown 54B.

Higlight nose, chin, cheek and hands with Flesh 5B. Do it with dots . I paint always in ares 24 figures i paint not each face completely .....i paint 24 noses then 24 chins, 24 left cheeks, 24 right cheeks. This technique works much faster for my.

Next prime trousers with arctic grey shade 33A and paint the cuff´s ochre shade 4B ( ochre shade 4B is my colour for yellow and gold )

Highlight the trousers white , arctic grey light 33C ( its white )  and all other which is white.

Paint british red coat 68. 

Highlight red with dots of vallejo bright orange 024

Highlight the roundhat, ammunition bag with charcoal black 34C .....i always highlight black with charcoal black 34C .

Paint the hair with 3 dots.

Musket stock with musket stock brown light 72C :-)

bayonet, rifle, blade .... with arctic grey shade 33A


Any question?

Freitag, 3. Januar 2014